Suwanee, GA




Two Kiwanis Club Honors Banners are displayed at our meetings.  They show numerous annual and special awards earned by our club from Kiwanis International or the Georgia District.  These awards are in recognition of our club meeting goals of community involvement and service.

We appreciate the leadership of these recent past presidents; Kevin O'Brien (2009), John Gallagher (2010), Deric Governale (2011), Richard Edinger (2012), Joe Godfrey (2013), and Paul Schwenzfeier (2014). 


Zeller Fellowship Award (MNT):

With his donation of 25 Canadian silver dollars, Walter Zeller dropped a few seeds in the soil that blossomed into the Kiwanis International Foundation.  In addition, it only takes a few drops like Zeller’s—this time, in the form of tetanus vaccinations—to help eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus from the face of the Earth.

When a person or club gives $1,250 to The Eliminate Project, they can designate a Walter Zeller Fellow—and save or protect more than 690 women and their future babies.  

Suwanee Kiwanis club has made Walter Zeller Fellowship awards to:

           Melanie Keeling

           Cathy Cason

           Deric Governale

           Donald (Don) Lee

           Harold (Hal) Ball


Hixson Award Recipients:

The Kiwanis International Foundation Board of Trustees created the George F. Hixson Fellowship in 1983 to honor the first Kiwanis International President. Hixson, who served from 1916 to 1918, holds the distinction of being the only leader to serve two terms as Kiwanis International President. Overall, his record accounts for more than 50 years of dedication to Kiwanis service.

Suwanee Kiwanis club has made George F. Hixson Fellowship awards to:

          Bill Hollinshead

          Cathy Cason

          Toby Blackwell